Residential Home Inspection
With prices down and sales surging, it is more important than ever to get a residential home inspection, in order to protect yourself from costly repairs and the potential of hidden safety hazards. At AA Integrity, our inspections are always thorough, and will provide a detailed, non-biased report on the condition of your home. Typically, after spending a minimum of two to three hours inspecting the home, we reserve up to an hour to meet with you, our client, in order to go over what has been discovered. We strive to keep this visit to an hour, as it keeps the inspection on track, and it will still take an additional 6 to 8 hours to complete and deliver the inspection report. This hour is sufficient to cover the basic repair or replacement items, answer any relevant questions that come up, and pay your Inspector’s invoice. This is why we schedule only one inspection per day.

We use FLIR Infrared Technology to locate water intrusion problems that might otherwise have been missed. In this way, we are able to confirm the source of the moisture intrusion, as well as recommend the best possible method of repair. There is no additional charge for the use of this technology. We include it as an integral part of of your Home Inspection, reinforcing the “best possible” methods of inspecting that we have at our disposal.  Be it visible or infrared, you will no doubt see your home in a whole new light.  You will soon discover that this is no ordinary Home Inspection!

Lead Testing
A random sampling is taken throughout the home. The results are immediate and will be detailed in the report. Additional charges will apply to this test.

Radon Testing
Radon testing is conducted over a 48-hour time frame, which will require two separate trips to the home being tested. The test instrument is placed in the lowest lived-in level of the home in an area where it will not be disturbed during the duration of the test. Windows and doors are shut, and heat vents are closed. After 48 hours the test instrument is retrieved, and the results are available immediately.
According to the U.S. Surgeon General:
“Indoor radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and breathing it over prolonged periods can present a significant health risk to families all over the country. It’s important to know that this threat is completely preventable. Radon can be detected with a simple test and fixed through well-established venting techniques.”
AA Integrity Home Inspections is prepared to schedule a Radon Test at your request (additional fees required).

Meth Test
Meth testing is performed as a swab or “composite wipe” sampling, taking a specific swipe at four separate locations throughout the home to test for evidence of meth residue. It is the most cost-effective way to test for evidence of the presence of methamphetamine, and is concentrated at the heating “cold-air” returns, kitchen, baths and garage. This is simply a “screening” test, and will only show up as a positive or a negative. If positive, the services of a Certified Decontamination Specialist will be necessary in order to determine the levels of contamination and the associated risks involved. This is where the local Health Department becomes involved. Additional fees are required to perform this test.