Home Inspection Prices

Square Footage of Property Estimated Inspection Rate
up to 1,200 $300
1,201 to 2,500 $335
2,500 to 3,500 $370
3,500+ Add $0.10/Sq.Ft


Other Inspection Prices

Inspection Type Price for inspection
Lead $85
Radon $125
Meth Testing – “Standard” 5-Business-Day Processing $85
Meth Testing – 24-Hour “RUSH” Processing $125
Asbestos Testing – “Standard” 5-Business-Day Processing $85
Asbestos Testing – 24-Hour “RUSH” Processing $125
Home Age Charges 25-49 Years Old $25.00
50-74 Years Old $50.00
75+ Years Old $75.00


Consultation Fees

Consultation Type Price for consultation
Consultation with Inspection $60.00/hour (extending the length of the
Inspection “Client” visit beyond 1-hour).
Consultation without Inspection $60.00/hour with 2-hour Minimum. First 50-miles
for round-trip included. $0.50/mile will be
added beyond 50 miles (different visit).


Travel Charges

Travel costs are included in the inspection price, up to the first 50 miles (25 mile radius). Mileage will be billed at $0.50/mile beyond the first 50 miles (round-trip), and will be calculated according to Google Maps shortest route possible ( Additional trips to pick up Radon Test canisters will be billed similarly, with the first 50 round-trip miles included. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Notes: Add $50 per test (Lead, Radon, Meth, or Asbestos) if not part of Residential Inspection.
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